CONTACT NUMBER: 07746 864207 (Instructor Robert Hemans) 07707 579973 (Instructor Karen Payne)
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Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese style of karate.  Seido founder, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, 9th Dan officially opened the World Seido Karate Organisation at its headquarters on 15 October 1975 in New York City and has over 60 years of study, practice and teaching in martial arts.  With branches throughout the world, Seido Karate South West was established in September 2011 and is headed by lead Instructor Robert Hemans along with Instructor Karen Payne who also acts as the Welfare Officer.  Seido Karate can be strenuous, however there is an emphasis on progressing and developing strength, flexibility and a high level of physical skill.  Seido Karate seeks to develop individuals of the highest moral character as this embodies Kaicho's leadership and philosophy of the World Seido Karate Organisation, which makes Seido Karate so applicable in today's life.

As well as weekly training in the dojo, we also have various events during the year such as aqua karate, beach training and hold an annual children's Christmas party and awards ceremony.