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DAY AND TIME: Thursday 23rd May 7:15pm

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" In 2017 my dear friend Hilary May introduced me to Ruth and Monika.  I had chatted to her about staging Bed Among The Lentils with musical interludes instead of the scripted lighting interludes.  Hilary made things happen. She got a violinist, an actor and a pianist in the same room and fanned the creative spark. Quite honestly, her friendship and encouragement founded our little company.  I wish with all my heart that she was still here to see what we are doing and how we are growing, and yet we still feel her cheering us on.  

Our first performances raised money for Cancer Research and Secondary First.  Hilary produced, publicised and waved the flag for these wonderful cancer charities. She bigged us up good and proper.  From these humble beginnings we have performed in various private venues to invited audiences.  We love close up and immersive theatre and so we have become used to galleried dining rooms, grand halls and village halls, hotels, barns, churches and studios. Give us a space and we will fill it with theatre.  

We love our audiences to be totally engaged and so we have been known to provoke a little and banter a lot, and improvise if the script allows. With our Noel Coward performances we encouraged audiences to come dressed in their finest. And the Darlings did! The feather boas, evening dresses and top hats and tails were a marvellous sight.  We had a champagne reception and greeted our guests in character as they made their way down the grand wooden staircase at Croydon Hall, to the swing of music from the 1930”s. When we performed Fallen Angels, the chef at Croydon Hall followed the menu from the play and audiences were treated to splendid French cuisine in a pre performance dinner. So be enticed.  Come for the theatre, for the music, for the event, and for a good story told well." Jen x