Dunster Tithe Barn

Dunster Barn - Open Day June 2006

On June 10th the barn was open to the public to come and see the work being done. Both the builder and the architect were available to explain progress and answer questions.

Barn from the west side.

The roof being sheeted and insulated ready for the slates.

The rebuilt outhouses

The outhouses have been rebuilt to house a meeting room and toilets.

Interior scaffolding

Scaffolding to allow work on the interior of the roof.

The architect

The architect explains the progress to visitors.

Roof being sheeted and insulated

The east side roof being sheeted.

Barn roofing from the south end

Roof progress seen from the garden.

Meeting room takes shape.

The meeting room takes shape.

The east side doorway

The old doors are being restored.


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